When building houses, most people overlook the significance of having good quality floors. In most cases it’s observed that people tend to go for cheaper flooring options and overlook its characteristics and features. This in turn creates various problems in the future as the flooring starts to crumble and gets damaged, which makes your house lose its charm. It’s important that you choose the right and quality flooring for your house, because it looks attractive, provides long lasting support, reduces accidents caused by slipping, and saves much of your maintenance cost.  There are many option of flooring available for you to choose, like parquet flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and many more. However, you must be very careful while choosing the right type of material for your flooring. All these floorings might look the same but have their own pros and cons. They differ vastly on the materials used in them and the durability they provide.  The two most popular floorings that are used all around the world are parquet flooring and vinyl flooring. It’s commonly seen that people often confuse vinyl floors for parquet floors because they think they are all wooden. However, one of them is much better than the other in more ways than one.  If you’re also confused choosing between parquet flooring and vinyl flooring, this article will help you by providing a brief idea about Parquet Flooring vs Vinyl Flooring.

Looks and texture

Parquet flooring is probably the oldest flooring, which has been around for ages. It’s a type of wood flooring made out of different shapes and patterns that could be customized as required. This flooring uses real hardwood and you can also get the option to decide what type of wood to use in the flooring. Being made from hardwood the flooring looks and feels like real wood spread on the floor. Vinyl flooring is made from synthetic material called polyvinyl chloride, which makes it highly versatile and can withstand any condition. The material supports 3-D printing and you can make it look like anything you want, like natural wood, stone, and others. It doesn’t feel like the real wood since it’s a flexible and smooth material but can be very convincing in terms of how it looks. Vinyl gives you a lot of options, designs, and colors to customize your flooring as per your needs, but on the flipside parquet flooring limits your customizations.


The fact that vinyl floorings are made from flexible materials makes it very durable. The print on the vinyl also tends to stay around for longer periods of time. Vinyl floors are waterproof and can withstand heavy foot traffic without being damaged. Another plus point is that it does not scratch or dent as easily as parquet flooring. If scratched, it’s easier and cheaper to fix scratches on vinyl unlike parquet flooring. Parquet floorings on the other hand are susceptible to scratches and dents. Heavy foot traffic on the flooring can create cracks, which can break if not repaired on time. Since, parquet is made from real hardwood it’s easily damaged by water and moisture. It tends to expand and contract depending on the temperature of the surrounding which can create problems. The other problems associated with parquet flooring are, because of being hollow in it can cause noise while walking, it can be scratched easily, and repairing parquet floors require time, effort, and money. Parquet isn’t recommended if you have kids and pets that induce a higher scratch-rate on the beautiful wood flooring.

Installation and maintenance

Vinyl flooring is very easy to install. It does not require any kind of adhesive, staples, nails and other things, since it can be installed simply by pressing it against the floor. The installation doesn’t require any expert and can be easily done by anyone, which saves you the extra budget of installation. Unlike vinyl flooring, parquet flooring is difficult to install. It requires adhesives and the blocks are needed to be placed at their exact places, which is quite complex. If you are planning to use parquet for your flooring needs, it’s recommended that you take help of experts. The installation can take time and could be heavy on your pockets as well. Cleaning is simple for both the flooring and only requires sweeping, vacuuming and occasional mopping. However, while vacuuming, one must be careful not to use a vacuum with a beater bar because that can lead the dirt stuck in the vacuum brush to scratch the flooring. If you have parquet flooring, you should use carpets and rugs on high foot activity areas and get furniture socks for the legs of chairs and tables.


Parquet flooring is costlier than vinyl flooring. The hardwood and the type of the timber used in the parquet define its cost. The repairing cost of parquet is also on the higher side as it requires much effort and precision. Unlike the repairing costs of parquet, repairing vinyl is very cheap and easy. The choice between parquet and vinyl comes down ultimately to your budget and preference. Vinyl flooring can be a good option for you, if you desire woody looking flooring but cannot afford parquet flooring or the maintenance of it. But, if you are looking for a premium wooden look and feel overlooking the maintenance and few extra bucks, then you should opt for the parquet flooring.

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